Tobias Wray


Tobias Wray’s debut collection, No Doubt I Will Return a Different Man, won the Lighthouse Poetry Prize (Cleveland State University Press, 2021). His work has found homes in various journals, including BlackbirdBellingham Review, Hunger Mountain, Meridian, and The Georgia Review. Poems also appear in The Queer Nature Anthology (Autumn House Press, 2021) and The Queer Movement Anthology of Literatures (Seagull Books, 2021). Having spent the last few years directing the University of Idaho’s Creative Writing Programs, this fall he’s relocating to Los Angeles to write under palm trees.

New Book – Coming October 2021

No Doubt I Will Return a Different Man — Cleveland State University Poetry Center

Tobias Wray: No Doubt I Will Return A Different Man book coverPraise for NO DOUBT I WILL RETURN A DIFFERENT MAN: Wray’s poems are wry luxury items of intelligence, sheathed in the latent double of speech, where a word like family might mean, in the queer parlance, refuge, but also, refutation. This is an interrogative, primal, mythic collection, a poetry of privacy and disclosure, of contradiction, a disabused landscape under “razor-wire stars.”

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