Aperture & Poetry

with Ching-In Chen, Claudia Castro Luna & Diana Khoi Nguyen


September 2021 | 4-5 pm PST

Three writers explore openings and gaps and what we might encounter in those spaces: image, movement, perspective, control, intensity and aberration. Join Ching-In Chen, Diana Khoi Nguyen, and Claudia Castro Luna for an evening of conversation and connection.

Ching-In Chen
Claudia Castro Luna
Diana Khoi Nguyen


The Duration, the Process, the Pivot: Making the First Book

with Tobias Wray & Maya Marshall


Sept. 2021 | 4-5 pm PST

In a collaborative reading and craft talk, Maya Marshall and Tobias Wray will consider how first book milestones have shaped the evolution of their themes and experiences as poets. Both in the process of debuting collections focused on the tensions between the personal and the familial, fascinated by scale and possibility, as well as writing and thinking toward what comes next, their conversation will be driven by curiosity about the ideas that span poetic projects. Inviting audience to touch on shared subjects as well, this talk will engage writing life and how it grows out of writerly communities. 

Tobias Wray
Maya Marshall


A Conversation about Conversations

with Molly McCully Brown, Elizabeth Bradfield & Alexandra Teague


Sept. 2021 | 5-6 pm PST

In this talk and reading, Molly McCully Brown, Elizabeth Bradfield, and Alexandra Teague will discuss the generative process of poetic conversations and collaborations, whether with historic figures, other artists and poets, or former selves. We'll explore ways our artistic imaginations are enlivened, and how we can reconnect to joy, via creative exchange and community with others.

Molly McCully Brown
Alexandra Teague
Elizabeth Bradfield


Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau presents:


August 2021 | 4-5 pm PST

Kristen Millares Young

Kristen Millares Young (she/her) is a prize-winning journalist, essayist, and teacher. Named a Paris Review staff pick, her novel Subduction was a finalist for Foreword Indies Book of the Year and two International Latino Book Awards. The editor of Seismic and a former Prose Writer-in-Residence at Hugo House, Young was the New York Times researcher for “Snow Fall,” which won a Pulitzer Prize. Young lives in Seattle.

The Power of the Personal Essay | Kristen Millares Young

Our life stories are a means for connection—a tender offering in a troubled era. Part reportage and part reflection, personal essays can reveal hidden truths about ourselves, our families, and our societies.

In this interactive and generative writing workshop, Kristen Millares Young will help participants tell their own stories. Available in English and Spanish, each hourlong session will begin with a one-page reading to inspire group discussion, followed by timed prompts that guide individual writing sessions. With plans for a bilingual statewide anthology focused on marginalized voices, Young invites participants to submit what they’ve written in response to her teaching. By weaving together community narratives, we can craft a vision for our future that includes hope and the capacity for unexpected change.