a monthly reading series and open mic

fu·el {fyo͞o(ə)l}

n. 1. material such as coal, gas, or oil that is burned to produce heat or power. 2. food, drink, or drugs as a source of energy. 3. a thing that sustains or inflames passion, argument, or other emotion or activity. v. 4. supply or power with fuel. 5. cause to burn more intensely. power source. heat source. 6. combustible. 7. nourishment. 8. nutriment. 9. nutrition. 10. bread. 11. encouragement. 12. incentive. 13. ammunition. 14. incitement. 15. stimulus. 16. provocation. 17. power. 18. charge. 19. fire. 20. stoke up. 21. supply with fuel. 22. stimulate. 23. boost. 24. encourage. 25. intensify. 26. fortify. 27. support. 28. nurture. 29. poetry. 30. litfuse.

August 24
Featuring Alberto Sveum
from Literary Arts, Portland

Fourth Wednesdays

@ the Fueling Station

519 Maple St, Tieton WA

7pm – Doors Open at 6:15



Alberto is the Programs Assistant for the Public Programs and Youth Programs teams at Literary Arts. He holds an MFA in Poetry from IU Bloomington, where he also served as the Editor-in-Chief of Indiana Review. You can typically find him reading Toni Morrison or listening to Slowdive with his cat, Foucault. He spends every day trying to be a better friend, writer, and human being.