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fu·el {fyo͞o(ə)l}

n. 1. material such as coal, gas, or oil that is burned to produce heat or power. 2. food, drink, or drugs as a source of energy. 3. a thing that sustains or inflames passion, argument, or other emotion or activity. v. 4. supply or power with fuel. 5. cause to burn more intensely. power source. heat source. 6. combustible. 7. nourishment. 8. nutriment. 9. nutrition. 10. bread. 11. encouragement. 12. incentive. 13. ammunition. 14. incitement. 15. stimulus. 16. provocation. 17. power. 18. charge. 19. fire. 20. stoke up. 21. supply with fuel. 22. stimulate. 23. boost. 24. encourage. 25. intensify. 26. fortify. 27. support. 28. nurture. 29. poetry. 30. litfuse.

June 22
Featuring Kristin Berger

Fourth Wednesdays

@ the Fueling Station

519 Maple St, Tieton WA

7pm – Doors Open at 6:15

Berger Author photo

Kristin Berger is the author of six poetry collections, including Changing Woman, Changing Man: A High Desert Myth (Nightjar Press, 2022). Refugia (Persian Pony Press, 2019), Echolocation (Cirque Press, 2018), How Light Reaches Us (Aldrich Press, 2016), and Earthwork, forthcoming from The Poetry Box August, 16, 2022—pre-sale through July 20, 2022. Recipient of residencies from Playa, OSU’s Shotpouch, H.J. Andrews Experimental Forest, and Starkey Experimental Forest and Range, Kristin’s work is influenced by all Pacific Northwest’s wild and interconnected landscapes. A former member of the women-identified editorial collective, VoiceCatcher, and co-host of The Lents Farmers Market Poetry Series, Kristin believes in the resiliency and impact of art and writing through, and sustained by, community. Kristin lives in Portland, Oregon, More at kristinbergerpoet.com