Session 2 @ 11-12:30pm

Wray | The Sentence Asks, the Line Answers

Every great poem understands its relationship to sentence structure thoroughly. Indeed, as Mary Kinzie notes, the line and the sentence are “the most important and interdependent of all the features of poetry.” Foundational to literary thought, the sentence comprises a set of words complete in itself. How a line break uses, distorts, and even subverts […]

Saturday 2021 Session 2 @ 11-12:30pm

Castro Luna | Walking/Writing

Charles Baudelaire coined the term “flâneur” to indicate a person who strolls around a city with no particular destination in mind, observing, ingesting all that is happening around them. Henry David Thoreau walked extensively taking note of trees, insects, flowers, the natural life of his countryside. Both writers weaved their observations into their poems and […]