Berger | Farmers Markets & Apartment Windows: Creating Poetry Communities Where You Need Them Most

Kristin Berger

Poets, are you wanting to connect with more writers, or wondering how to create and sustain a supportive community? What does “community” mean in this era of virtual connections, pandemic-dislocation, and busy non-poetry lives? And who needs a poetry community, beyond other poets? Introverted, extroverted, a mixture of both–poets are notoriously solo creatures, but we are also pack animals: we seek each other out in books, online readings (and workshops!), publishing collectives and writing groups. Where, and how else, might we meet? We’ll explore what it means, and how to create, a community that is shaped for the kind of poet you are. Together, we’ll find out how to extend the poet’s human-print range beyond the café and the bookstore, into non-poetry places, like farmers markets, curbside apartment windows, prisons and community gardens, expanding the poetry family, and integrating community more deeply into our lives.