All About LiTFUSE

LiTFUSE combines writing, exploration, improvisation, meditation, camaraderie, natural beauty and readings to ignite your muse!

LiTFUSE is an annual weekend-long poets’ workshop held in Tieton, WA (near Yakima), wide-open & welcoming to poets of all ages and styles.  The mission of LiTFUSE is to unite poets from all over the Northwest and beyond, to open us to fresh voices and inspiration, and to deepen community with our fellow poets and artists.

LiTFUSE is a production of Tieton Arts & Humanities, a nonprofit corporation formed to raise understanding, appreciation, and visibility of the arts and humanities in Tieton and Yakima County, and to unite artists from around the State of Washington and the Pacific Northwest.

LiTFUSE was founded in 2007 by Michael Schein.  Our featured artists have been Susan Rich (2007), Lorna Dee Cervantes (2008 and 2014), George Bowering (2009), Ingrid Wendt (2010), Marvin Bell (2011), Christopher Howell (2012), Dorianne Laux (2013), Ellen Bass (2015), Ilya Kaminsky (2016), Paisley Rekdal (2017), Kevin Prufer (2018), Natalie Diaz (2019), Dennis Nurkse (2020), Camille Dungy (2021), Kim Addonizio (2022).

LiTFUSE is grateful to Ed Marquand and Mike Longyear for their vision in creating the Mighty Tieton artisan community where LiTFUSE thrives.

LiTFUSE is the creativity, joy, energy and love generated by its many poets, faculty, volunteers and supporters.

DiRECTOR: Jen Lynn:



CORE TEAM: Tieton Arts and Humanities Board, Director & Amazing Volunteers!

PHOTO CREDiTS: © Stephanie Araiza, Opening of the Eyes Photography

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