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fu·el {fyo͞o(ə)l}

n. 1. material such as coal, gas, or oil that is burned to produce heat or power. 2. food, drink, or drugs as a source of energy. 3. a thing that sustains or inflames passion, argument, or other emotion or activity. v. 4. supply or power with fuel. 5. cause to burn more intensely. power source. heat source. 6. combustible. 7. nourishment. 8. nutriment. 9. nutrition. 10. bread. 11. encouragement. 12. incentive. 13. ammunition. 14. incitement. 15. stimulus. 16. provocation. 17. power. 18. charge. 19. fire. 20. stoke up. 21. supply with fuel. 22. stimulate. 23. boost. 24. encourage. 25. intensify. 26. fortify. 27. support. 28. nurture. 29. poetry. 30. litfuse.

May 25
Featuring Raul Sanchez

Fourth Wednesdays

@ the Fueling Station

519 Maple St, Tieton WA

7pm – Doors Open at 6:15

Raul S. promo photo

Raúl is the former City of Redmond Poet Laureate 2019 – 2021. He teaches poetry in Spanish through the Seattle Arts and Lectures (WITS) program, also through the Jack Straw Educational Project. In the last three years he volunteered for PONGO Teen Writing at the Juvenile Detention Center. He runs the “Poetry in the Park” event at the Meadowbrook Pond in NE Seattle. His work has appeared in a multitude of journals, magazines, and anthologies such as IN XOCHITL, IN CUICATL or Floricanto – “Flower and Song” 100 years of chicanx/latinx poetry, published by Editorial Polibea, Madrid, Spain. His new collection, When There Were No Borders, was released by Flower Song Press, McAllen Texas July 2021.


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